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{March 23, 2012}  

a brissie expat in london

This Saturday, Queenslanders will wake up and line their local polling booths at schools, town halls and probably a few pubs, to decide on the state’s political future (or at least just for the next 3 years). And surprisingly it looks like this  time around there will actually be a drastic shift in their mindset with the Australian Labor Party set to topple after a stranglehold on the state since 1989.

1989. This party has held control over the state for nearly as long as my brother has been alive, and he’s well into his 20s He has graduated from primary school, high school, started 3 different degrees, finished one of them, moved to Adelaide, moved back to Brisbane, moved to Canberra and been in a fully-professional job for over a year.

That’s…a bloody long time.

And it shows – the party has exhausted its last reserves and frustrated enough…

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{September 29, 2011}   glee 3×02 – i am unicorn

I don’t know what to say about this episode. I have a lot of feelings about it – not all of them good.

for those looking for a quick recap – i cannot pimp Jim’s Gleecap enough for this episode, which someone has been absolutely wonderful and posted on youtube…. If you haven’t already discovered this perfect little gem, what are you waiting for?

So we start the episode with a lovely close-up of the lovely Kurt as Brittany pops up to butter him up before launching into a rambling and slightly confusing spiel about unicorns in order to become his campaign. Brittany wants Kurt to embrace his unicorn-ness and keep that as a campaign. Kurt hesitantly agrees…..to his own detriment/joy? as later on Brittany reveals the campaign posters she created which are pink and sparkly with rainbows on it – because Kurt is gay, gay, gay. But Brittany, in her own sweet way, makes it come across rather endearing even though Kurt does try to steer her away from sparkly rainbows.

Meanwhile, Schue introduces everyone to the musical directors seeing as he’ll be too busy leading the glee club to Nationals victory – god knows how, considering the strategy so far has been to pick random lessons each week and only prepare actual songs for each performance on the DAY OF the performance in the hopes that these magically gifted kids will whip up the harmonies, choreography and words within hours.

He also decides to enlist some of the members in to a version of booty camp for the not-so-good dancers amongst the group, including Finn, Puck, Mercedes and…Kurt? Wait, what?

Hilariously Mike calls him on his shimmy move (which I adore) and proceeds to shimmy in his seat and oh my god I am in love. Wow. Harry Shum Junior…please do that again. it was HOT.
Blaine asks to join in so he can learn more as well..and in our first rehearsal they discuss the upcoming West Side Story and reveal they’re both auditioning for Tony…and…oh my god I cannot believe I am about to write this. I do apologise for the following rant…but I need to get it out.

Blaine is a junior.

I…….I have no words for the idiocy. SRSLY, GLEE? The guy was originally meant to be a YEAR OLDER than Kurt as a mentor.,..and now suddenly he’s lost two years?!? Not only that, he’s now a year younger than Kurt? I am annoyed by this because on one hand I fear they’re going to keep around Lima for an extra year solely for Blaine’s sake when he could instead be off gallivanting around New York with lots of gorgeous hottie (and I say this as a Klainer) but mainly because it just totally destroys the very fabric of the character I was still clinging on to. Whatever happened to that guy we met way back in Never Been Kissed? This is not that same guy, and the amount of character assassination that has occurred in between has just ruined the entire character. I realised while watching this episode that the reason I ship Klaine, and the sole reason I like Blaine, is because of fanfiction. There is some truly amazing fic out there  with that Blaine we first saw last year and there are writers who understand how to deal with these characters. Unlike the actual writers of this show.

Whatever. I digress. I’m over it – I’m going to ignore the ludicrous suggestion which has been placed before me because once Kurt graduates and leaves the show so do I, so I don’t really care what happens afterwards.


Before we move on, let’s see what else is happening…oh hello, Shelby! Yes, Shelby Corcoran is back…why? Because that delightful Sugar Motta from last week got her daddy to buy Shelby so they can start a second glee club solely for her talents. Right.

This is of course just another whacky hijinks moment from glee in order to finally deal with a storyline that was shelved last season: Quinn and Puck, who obviously are not dealing well with giving up Beth. We had Puck unable to deal with his emotions (momentarily) and get thrown into Juvie (although in reality that was punishment for releasing an album that wasn’t from the same record company as the glee guys, which come to think of it, they like punishing characters whenever they’re unhappy with an actor *cough* Ryan Murphy *cough*.

And we had Quinn so goddamned determined to climb back into Miss Popularity and claw back everything she lost, so when it doesn’t she did a 360 and became a skank. Wow. They actually show the girls bullying another student for lunch money. Oh Quinn. I love your pink hair but this is just sheer stupidity (and does anyone else feel like they really missed an opportunity with having Quinn being the closet lesbian? No? Just me then).

Sue comes in, grabs Quinn and convinces her to become the poster child for her anti-arts campaign, leading to an angry confrontation with Schue about how it’s all his fault her life is crap. And while I don’t entirely agree with Schue’s way of going about this (yelling at a student) he finally stand sup and tells her what she needs to hear: grow up, Quinn. She does play the victim to her advantage but Schue is not having it anymore and wants her to own up to her own mistakes and take responsibility for her actions. And she is visibly shocked when Puck brings her to see Shelby, who refuses to let Quinn have anything to do with Beth until she gets her act together.

I like where they’re going with this, and to a degree I can understand why they abandoned it for a year (only because hey it’s glee. I'[m surprised they actually picked up this storyline again).  After dealing with teen pregnancy and adoption, they now get to draw on what it feels like once you’ve given that child up. Puck, man, Puck just blew me away in this episode. He brings Quinn to Shelby and once she leaves you can see the desperation in his eyes. He wants to see his daughter, he wants to be there for her, to the point he goes to visit Shelby in the evening and gets to see her…and while he can’t bring himself to hold her you know he wants to. It was wonderful and exactly what I want to see for his character.

Of course, god knows what he’s going to do when Quinn rocks up to booty camp later on back in a sweet demure little dress and blonde hair (I am in mourning here). She claims to have cleaned up her act and returned to glee…but secretly she tells Puck it’s all about getting custody of their child…which, ok. That threw me a little because really? I honestly have no idea where the hell that came  from. I think Puck is also a little confused and slightly freaked out, judging by his expression there. That and it maybe kind of his fault for putting those ideas into ehr head when attempting to get her to clean up. Uh oh.
I feel like we’re back in grilled cheesus time again, where Puck somehow becomes the sole voice of reason. I think…I think I may have a teeny tiny crush on the man Puck will become. Does that even make sense? Never mind.

So, heading back to West Side Story, Rachel and Shelby have a little conversation about their own awkward mother-daughter relationship but do an amazing duet together which turns into Rachel’s audition. Of course, she nails it. And then we have Kurt.

Oh Kurt.


I have no words because this is AMAZING. Barbra Streisand and sais? And rappelling over scaffolding? What can’t Chris Colfer do? He amazes me ona  daily basis. The song is wonderful, the performance is fantastic and although maybe not the best option when auditioning for the lead as a gang member, hey, it’s West Side Story. They fight through dance and walk while leaning over clicking their fingers. Kurt could totally rule that.

The judges don’t entirely agree. *sigh*. Basically they wonder whether Kurt is right for the role, and while they don’t explicitly say it, it comes off as asking if Kurt is too gay, too femme to play Tony…which Kurt of course overhears because he’s eavesdropping and he rushes off upset. He needs this role for NYADA’s sake, peeps.

But then he sees Santana and Brittany putting up those bright pink sparkly posters and loses it…because everyone sees him as nothing more than a flaming homo, and there is more to him than that. Brittana don’t get it.

And then Kurt decided to re-audition by doing a scene from Romeo and Juliet with Rachel and this scene literally broke me. Because as he speaks in a slightly deeper voice, trying to portray a more masculine image…they are LAUGHING at him. Bieste herself, who has dealt with these issues her entire life, is laughing at him and talking about how he doesn’t get her lady-parts tingling. And to top it all off, when they move in for the kiss, Rachel ducks, ruining his chances.

I shall count to three slowly and then move on.  Because there’s a lot more to get through before I start my second rant.

Such as the chat between Kurt and his dad (preceded by Rachel and Finn getting snuggle in the garage- Finn is learning to be a mechanic and I think we all know where this is heading). Following Rachel’s betrayal of her BFF by trying to convince Finn to try out for Tony, we have a very glum Kurt coming to his dad for advice on how to deal with the fact his dreams got that much harder. And his da,d his wonderful sweet dad, tells him he is who he is and he shouldn’t have to change himself. If there aren’t any roles out there, he’ll have to write them himself. *Shout out for Chris Colfer! ha!*

And I get it, Burt, but man, why does life have to be so difficult for Kurt? Particularly when he does decide to accept that this is who he is and run with Brittany’s campaign posters, she announces she’s also decided to run..and as a Cheerio (and from what I know of predictable US high school cliches) she’s a shoe-in.

And then when Blaine auditions it’s apparently mesmerising and perfect and they want him tor ead for Tony. Blaine is conflicted knowing how much it means to Kurt. Kurt, again eavesdropping (ok, someone does need to discuss boundaries with the boy!) is hurt and leaves the auditorium before knowing Blaine’s answer.  Well, nobody knows Blaine’s answer because they decide to finish the episode on a cliffhanger.

And…..here’s the thing. I can see where they’re going with this and I am curious to see where it goes. I actually love the idea of doing a storyline about passing – where Kurt being Kurt cannot pass as anything but a gay man, but Blaine can pass as straight. I had a vague notion this was coming up and I kind of do want tos ee it, even though my heart is crying out because come on, this is glee, and I honestly do not know at this point in time if they’re capable of doing this story any justice. Particularly since everyone seems to have a hard-on for Blaine and I can feel my goodwill towards the character crumbling in sheer desperation to protect my beloved Kurt from the freefall.

But I think the hardest part is watching it happen, and watching it happen to Kurt who has spent so much of this show fighting for any scrap of goodness in his life. He truly does spend more time crying than any other character on this show.

It pisses me off so much, and the argumentative discussions taking place on forums since the episode aired have gone back and forth over this issue, whether it’s about passing as gay/straight or whether Kurt is over-reacting or the Kurtsies are over-reacting. I’m starting to wonder if the writers are smarter than that, and the whole reason for shoving “Kurt’s GAY!” down our throats this episode was for this purpose – make people angry about it enough to realise it does happen. Because it does happen. Any man seen as being effeminate is branded as gay in a lot of people’s mind, and when gay guys turn out not to be femme, it surprises people. Even my friends are the same way, pointing out “gay” guys to me based solely on looks, speech and mannerisms  in a misconstrued notion that I am solely attracted to gay guys. (Note: I am a woman who happens to really like gay guys, but I don’t want to date them because there’s no point, neither party would get much out of it. Why do people not understand that distinction? Just because I have a bad habit of being attracted to men who turn out to be gay is a totally different kettle of fish.)

It is wrong because these stereotypes are ingrained within our society and it’s not fair. It makes me angry when people assume such things, and assume that a gay man cannot play straight convincingly, or that someone with certain mannerisms or a high voice cannot be a straight man.

It’s going to take a couple of more episodes to see where this is leading, though because right now there’s just a lot of anger and confusion in the fandom. I hope that there is a happy resolution for Kurt somewhere in this, because most of all, I’m tired of watching the poor kid have to fight for everything. Can he not be happy for an entire episode? Is it written into his contract or something? I like it when things work out for him, not when they fall apart – that’s what the glee angst meme is for.

Ok, second rant over. Time to go check out Jim’s Gleecap again because it seriously sums up all my thoughts into song.

And next week it looks like we get some proper drama with Mercedes and Rachel…and stories for Mike and Tina! Can’t  wait!!


Best line:

This is toned down. The original had the unicorn riding you. – Santana.


Somewhere  – Rachel and Shelby – from West Side Story

I’m the Greatest Star – Kurt – from Funny Girl

Something there – Blaine – from West Side Story

And we’re back for a third round on the grand carousel of  glee – be ready for flailing over klaine and hummelberry goodness, overwhelmingly sickeningly sweet fawnings over Kurt/Chris Colfer and the general insanity that comes with this show which can only be described as the best crack!fic ever written and put on the screen.

The episode was actually pretty damn good and drew attention to what we should expect to see this season: more fighting between Sue and Will which will become irrelevant; cutesy adorable coupley-ness between Kurt and Blaine, Rachel and Finn and hopefully Mike and Tina will hold on to their crown of most stable relationship.

We begin with another one of Jacob’s video montages to let us know what’s happening, only this time he’s asking everyone what their plans are for senior year. And we learn that Tina and Artie are the only juniors. Yep, out of the…13 of them, 2 are juniors and the rest are seniors (which begs the question: how did Artie get into the junior prom last year?!?) so there is going to be a massive gaping hole next season unless a lot of them fail (and honestly we can only count Finn and Brittany amongst that group). But I digress because let’s face it, once Kurt leaves the show, so will this Kurtsie.

Poor Finn….he starts the voice over and that’s pretty much the last we hear of him, as he panics with the realisation he has no idea what it is he wants to do. I’m excitedly curious over this, as hopefully we shall see Finn grow and develop this season by going through those horrible moments of attempting to decide exactly what to do with the rest of your life before your even allowed to drink legally or vote.

The team is now down 3 members as Sam’s family moved away – and oh how I want to cry! I loved Sam, he was a proper geek and a hot one to boot, plus I actually was truly excited about Samcedes, Quinn is MIA and Lauren has decided losing Nationals has lost her important street cred. And she dumps Puck. I hope we get to see more of Ashley Fink later this season, her character is awesome (and way too reminiscent of a lot of my friends).

And how will they find new members? Well, by having random purple pianos around the school (and I believe this whole scene was placed here solely for the image of Kurt climbing on top of said piano and sprawling….oh boy, what are you doing to me?!?), so whenever a Gleek sees one they should sing and dance in order to entice other school kids to join the club.


Because that idea has worked sooooo well in the past.


Mike and Tina are fooling around..with a PIANO, people, when Sue comes in and starts trashing it and being all-out offensive. Sue is running for Congress but can’t seem to find a platform to stand on…until she gets the idea to run on an anti-arts program, cutting arts  from schools so that a) she can hopefully garner more points and b) finally succeed in destroying glee. And oh my heart weeps at this idea coming from a school where we in the performing arts department where woefully ignored and neglected by the entire school in favour of the sports kids. and I went to an all-girls school. Sheesh. Sue initiates Santana and Becky as co-captains and tells them they need to destroy all the pianos. Which they set out to do….

Back to basics – Hummelberry is on course to get their NY spin-off errr make it into Julliard, until they discover Julliard doesn’t have a musical theatre program so instead they decide to try out for the never-before-heard-of-and-entirely-made-up NYADA – New York Academy of Dramatic Arts, or something along those lines. We have an adorably cute version of Ding Dong with all the inane melodramatic over-performing we have come to expect from these two, but it’s so adorable that I can forgive them anything. They then go along to a mixer for potential applicants and run into possibly the most self-centered and overly-confident I have ever seen, and are basically caricatures of Rachel and Kurt – the expressions on their faces at this point is laugh-out-loud hysterical- and they perform an adequately overly -dramatic and widely-toothed mashup of Anything You Can Do and Anything Goes….sung by apparently one of the Glee Project people. I will not be able to pass judgement here, nor pick up these factors as I did not watch that show and am eternally grateful now because I go into their episodes without any idea of who these people. Said entrant seems to be pretty good, actually, but nowhere near as good as our beloved Rachel.

But Hummelberry flips out and have a little cry in the car as they realise that outside  of their little bubble, they have stiff competition. and thank you! show! Although I was expecting to see that once they hit New York, its nice to see them finally acknowledge there are other people with talent in this world and they will have to work for it. This scene, btw? Is adorably wonderful and I am flailing over here at the promise of all the Hummelberry this season.

Meanwhile, Quinn ahs joined the Skanks. By which I mean, she is rebelling against…something, and has dyed her hair pink, is wearing bad 80’s trash clothes (and seriously, some of the combos are horrific), ahs an “ironic” tattoo of Ryan Seacrest and is now smoking while not bathing.

So basically she’s become a uni student a year early.

Our Quinnie is rebelling against god knows what, because who cares? She looks hot with pink hair, her new friends remind me of my high school group (god, that thought scares me) and it’s terrific to see the show acknowledge that this does happen. Tina never really rebelled  – she’s an emo kid, which is pretty common. So this is a nice change, even if I don’t think it’s going to last, considering all the longing looks Quinn keeps giving the gleeks in their performances. Although I loved the conversation she had with Santana and Brittany about re-joining the Cheerios and finishing high school with a bang…coining the term the “unholy Trinity”. Heh. I love these three.


Mercedes, bless her, ahs no real storyline except that she’s picked up a massive football player over summer and they’re being overly sickeningly sweet together. No seriously – his one line at the very beginning about how after she wins a grammy they’re going to make cocoa babies together? That was  a little off-putting for me, particularly at their age. Even now, a few years down the line, if a guy I was dating starting whispering in my ear about making sweet little babies I think I’d knee him the groin. Or maybe it just sounds strange to hear that from a guy? I don’t know. I think we need to spend some more time with these two in order to get a sense of their relationship.

Artie…has no storyline. Tina and Mike….basically snuggle together. There’s no mention of Brittana, but I’m sure that’ll pop up later on..hopefully with Santana getting a new girlfriend who appreciates her. Puck, sadly, also has nothing to do besides mope about Lauren dumping him.

And as our Gleeks….gleek out in the cafeteria, they inevitably are caught up in a food fight. It looks like so much fun. But the piano is ruined by all that flung spaghetti. It was succesful in that someone does try out with the worst rendition of Big Spender ever. It made me want to cry. Seriously. I was crying in sheer agony over here. WIll has to let her down and basically makes himself sick to the stomach at the thought of turning someone down, even though he turned down Becky last year. That and this is the daughter of the guy who donated all those pianos, so methinks we haven’t seen the last of her just yet.

And we have Blaine. Blaine who first appears in his Warbler outfit, drinking coffee with Kurt in the Lima Bean as Kurt attempts to yet again persuade him to transfer just so they can be together. And lo and behold – oh you have to love this show for its inanity the next time we see Blaine he’s in an interesting outfit and the newest member of McKinley High! Because transferring from private school to public school nearly 2 hours away is apparently easy to do within the first week of school, and doing it for love seems to be a reasonable decision. Whatever, Blaine performs with the Cheerios, and Quinn sets the piano on fire.

Seriously. I can’t explain it any more succinctly than that.

So we close our first hour of frivolity back in the choir room, as Blaine joins the New Directions and WIll ensures them they will work hard – and kicks Santana off for not being loyal to them. Ouch. Me unhappy now.

Rachel decides they’ll do West Side Story to ensure she can add some credits to her name, while Kurt decides to run for Senior Class President…yes, what?But it seems like such a brilliant idea – Kurt campaigning to be rpesident of classmates who voted him for prom queen. I have no diea where this is going but I’m in it for the ride.

We finish off with a numebr of Hairspray – I’ve been waiting 2 years for some Hairspray on the show! – and the promise of a good year ahead of us. Yes there’s more story to do with Emma and Will but who cares? Rachel and Mercedes both want to be Maria! Blaine, Finn and Kurt are surely going to come to battle over who is the biggest male diva in the group! Kurt will be running for class president, Quinn will continue making bad choices, Santana will hopefully grow a pair and just remain awesome, and hopefully Tina and Artie will get storylines at some stage. Yes it’s only been one episode…but it was a good one.

Best line –

“There’s a bar of soap and a bottle of peroxide in my locker whenever you’re ready” – Santana to Quinn on bringing the unhoy trinity back together.

Songs –

We’ve got the Beat (The Go-Gos) – New Directions

Big Spender (from Sweet Charity)- Sugar Motta

Ding Dong The Witch is Dead (from Wizard of Oz sung by Harold Arlen and Barbra Streisand)- Kurt and Rachel

Anything Goes/Anything You Can Do (from Anything Goes/Annie Get Your Gun)- Harmony and the ragtag NYADA applicants

It’s Not Unusual (Tom Jones)- Blaine

You Can’t Stop the Beat (from Hairspray)- New Directions


{September 18, 2011}   a new season approaches…

Now while msot people view September with slight dread, I love it.

And yes, as the days grow shorter and the nights are slightly colder, it signals the end of summer, the end of picnics in the park, summer festivals and languid afternoons basking in the sunshine. For many people, September means the endless nights of winter drawing near with night falling at 4pm, the bitter cold seeping into your skin and icy rain battering you on the days you do venture outside. You seem to live in a constant world of darkness with only brief glimpses of light from the window at work. I say light because you can go days without seeing sunshine as heavy white clouds roll in and linger endlessly. It’s enough to drive a person mad.

And September does seem to trigger this Pavlovian response in many people, because this is the first moment you realise the days are shorter and the nights are colder. There are no more music festivals and rainshowers are expected over the weekends.

But I love September.  Firstly, I think September surprises people, because as they mourn the loss of summer (and mourn the loss of a non-summer even more, like we are right now in London), everyone is always pleasantly surprised when the sun actually shines in September and if the day is warm enough to not wear a coat. You dread the wintry days that are coming, and if you get even a glimpse of partially summery weather, you rejoice and bask in its warmth, because there’s no way of knowing when the next one is coming.

But that’s not the reason I love September. I love that pleasant surprise but as I am actually very fond of winter, of the cold weather, and the promise of weekends rugged up in bed with movie marathons, the loss of summer doesn’t bother me as much. Of course, I love warm days spent in the park and heading away for sea holidays, even just the concept of being able to stand outside at a bar with a jug of pimms.


But what I really love about September? Its the start of a new season. TV, that is. Yes, September is when all the shows start coming back for another year to delight and tantalise. I look forward to this moment every year in anticipation of my favourite characters coming back to life with new stories (and hopefully summer fanfic hasn’t totally warped them in my mind), the resolution of amazing cliff-hangers and the idea of a new show captivating me.

So, the question is burning: What am I watching this season?

First and foremost, I am immensely delighted by the return of Downton Abbey tonight on ITV. I adored the first season with its glimpse into British life in the early 20th century, the mix between the classes and how it all comes together. It was a smash hit, even with its slightly sensationalist stories but it’s the perfect way to finish off the weekend before starting another week of work. I for one, cannot wait to see what they do with the show moving into WW1, to see if Anna and Mr Bates can make it work, whether Mary and Matthew will finally get together and what the hell will happen with Sybil. It’s one of the few shows I adore.

I have been watching Doctor Who, which is drawing to a close within the next few weeks (What will I do without my weekly Rory fix?!?), but gave up on Torchwood. Which made me sad, but after killing off 60% of the cast, with 2 of them my absolute favourite characters, I just couldn’t. That two-year break healed my poor wounded heart, but a scar remains, one which cannot be healed with the promise of more Jack and Gwen, because they just don’t do it for me…not even Rhys was enough. Torchwood is dead, my friends. Long Live Torchwood.

May the Doctor never come across this hot mess ever again (not that I think he will..it seems like they’ve effectively killed all links in that respect).

I attempted to keep up with Grey’s Anatomy but just couldn’t. Same with Supernatural. Two shows that I loved but gradually wore me down to the point where I no longer cared. With Grey’s, well I never cared for Meredith nor McDreamy, but was willing to wait for all the ups and downs before Alex and Izzie got together…and then all the shit that went down with that, I’m sorry but that was ridiculous, nonsensical and just ruined the show for me. For someone with strong ideals, that show destroyed all the strong female characters. First Addison, then Callie and lastly Izzie. I couldn’t watch any longer for fear of the destruction of Bailey. RIP Grey’s.

And Supernatural…Let’s face it, it’s two hot guys driving around in a kick-ass car chasing monsters. Except they stopped chasing monsters and started dealing with an overbearing mytharc involving demons and angels and bringing it all back to Christianity in a way that did not amuse me. Why does it always have to come back christianity? It was nice and refreshing to see a show with Pagan gods, and monsters that jump at you in the night and the idea of cross-referencing religions, and while it still occasionally tries, it just doesn'[t gel. And then the show went hyper-meta – and severely jumped the shark/literally ripped apart the 4th wall by having the characters jump into this world filming the show. Not cool, guys. We don’t watch a show to have it be made obvious we’re watching a fictional TV show. Don’t patronise the fans. It’s stupid.

No, let’s discuss something even more fun – GLEE! Yes, I am a GLEEK – can you not tell? I know a lot of people thought the second season was uneven and bad all over…but I liked it. I didn’t expect that much from the show and yes, ok, it was patchy and kooky at times, veering one way and sideways the next. But that’s what I like about the show. I like the snark, the ridiculous plots and the over-achieving insanity that makes you think, how the hell did that work? But most of all, I love Chris Colfer and all the amazing he brings to the role. I am a complete and utter Kurt Hummel stan and will defend him to my death. Chris Colfer not only makes Glee watchable, he makes it enjoyable. And may that continue for at least another season before they are whisked away to New York for a more adult show with lots of boysex and showtunes (god I’ve been reading way too much fanfic for this fandom).

If there’s a show I am even more impatient about seeing, it would have to be Fringe. OMG peeps – did you SEE the finale? PETER! Peter was flipping pulled out of all existence! WTF?

Yes, this is a show I barely knew existed a year ago, and I managed to catch up on all 3 seasons in a massive go and am head over heels in love with everything this beautiful gem of tv tries to be-and even everything it isn’t. The storylines are amazing and they do come together, the parallel universes have been slightly grating but that may all change now they’ve been temporarily brought together and OMG I just need to know what happened. And what will happen. This has been driving me crazy all summer. WHERE IS PETER BISHOP? I NEED ANSWERS.

In case you couldn’t tell, I love Fringe.

I gave the Walking Dead a  try but gave up halfway through the season – it was good but I found it a little dragging. I have no idea how they’re planning on keeping it going, but I’m not really that fussed on it. I think I overdosed on drama with Fringe this year. all the walking zombies were cool and yet disgusting (seriously, never watch this show while eating dinner) but after recording the final episodes I still haven’t gotten around to watching them – and this was about 2/3 months ago – and I find myself not bovvered at all. Giving up on this one.

Another show I picked up over summer was Happy Endings – yes it’s a silly little half-hour sitcom, which I haven’t actually watched since Friends and my god, doesn’t that feel like a decade ago, but I like this one. It’s cute and slightly quirky and while it’s not fantastic nor dazzling with wit, it amuses me. I’ll stick around for season 2 and see where it goes.

And thankfully Being Erica is finally coming back! It feels like forever since we were with Erica and Dr Tom and the same burning questions remain: What the hell will happen in the future? I’m glad Ethan is gone, because even though was cute and all, they weren’t right together and I love that this show acknowledged that it happens in life, and my poor little heart still holds out hope that she will end up with Kai, although even I have no idea how on earth they would manage that one. *sniffle*. I love Kai. But yes – when the hell did the last season air? It seems like ages. I love my weekly therapy sessions with Dr Tom. And god, do I feel like Erica at times – it’s insanely nuts.

Of course, we also have yet another season of The Amazing Race, which never bores me. And I got to watch the Australian version over summer, which was interesting. They didn’t embarrass me as countrymen too badly, even though I was disappointed the girls didn’t win. And seriously Channel  7 – only $250,000 for winning? You kidding me? If I’d been at that start line and heard that, I think I would have walked off in disgust. The Americans get 1 million. You’re giving them a quarter of that. A QUARTER. How tight can you be? But yes – one of only 2 reality shows I actually watch, with the other one just over halfway now. That being the delightful Project Runway. Considering my abhorrent lack of fashion sense and ability to dress myself, I do love this show. I don’t even know why. I think all the DRAMA has something to do with it. And the pretty clothes I could never wear (I have boobs. The designers have explicitly expressed how much they dislike boobs on a model. Stupid – no wonder fashion looks so wrong on the  majority of women when designers just want to dress womanly men!)


Being Human and Merlin will both be back soon as well, and while I eagerly await a fourth instalment of Being Human, because I am curious to see how they will replace Mitchell and the developing were-puppy storylines, I’m not as enthusiastic about Merlin. Just because this is one of the mos HoYay-tastic shows on TV and seeing them push Gwen/Arthur onto the viewers when they simply have no chemistry spoils all the fun. Now Gwen/Lancelot are sizzling on-screen together – Gwen/Arthur not so much. I’ll be over here with the rest of the fandom, reading fanfic and attempting to see the true epic love story within the episode,s because as much as I wish it, I really doubt the writers will blindside everyone by having an  epic Merlin/Arthur love story come out of all of this. A girl can dream.

Sherlock I am still waiting for. In fact, I am in denial. Do we really have to wait until NEXT YEAR to find out what the hell happened in the pool? SRSLY? That totally sucks. And they’re killing us all voer here. It’s been over a year…how can it take so goddamn long to film 3 episodes? Ok, the writers are busy with the Doctor and the actors are off filming proper films and stuff…but COME ON! I want my Sherlock!

And Game of Thrones. Of course. But who isn’t watching/reading Games of Thrones? It’s FAN-BLOODY-TASTIC.

And…..wow. Ok. That’s it. Well, disregarding my newest soap, the Dutch one that I have no idea what the title is, except its initials TGST. I think. But I only watch it for the Lucas/Edwin storyline. Same as Christian/Syed in Eastenders and Christian/Oliver in Verbotene Liebe. Yep. I watch soaps for the gays. But they do it so well! (At least in Europe they do!)

No…that’s it. My list has shortened quite a bit this year, thankfully, but I haven’t heard of anything new yet which has caught my interest. Although this is also normal, as I tend to see what the reception is like before picking up anything new. If it seems good, I’ll give it a try, just like I did with the Walking Dead, Mad Men, Lost  and Boardwalk Empire. All of which I gave up at some point. But maybe in a couple of week’s time, something will catch my eye and I will be dazzled by all of its glory. I can’t wait for that first rush of joy when you discover something new. But alas, that will have to wait.

Yes, I love September and all the promise of wonderful things it brings!





{August 21, 2011}   so torchwood…who’s watching?

I am very pleased they gave Torchwood a solid two-year break. After the depressingly dark sob-fest that was “Children of Earth” it seemed appropriate to give everyone time to…move on.

Unfortunately, it feels like that’s exactly what the show did as well.

I tried to sit down with an open mind for season 4. I grit my teeth and ignored the Americanisation of this Welsh institution and continued to ignore the fact the Brits would have to wait 6 days after the first screening to see it (yes BBC, that’s an absolutely TERRIFIC way to try and stop pirating). I listened to the radio plays which thankfully gave me peace of mind over certain aspects of the show which did need to be addressed and came into “Miracle Day” fully expecting it to be nonsensical, depressing and American.

And it is depressing. And highly American. The concept is an interesting one – suddenly nobody in the world can die – and it has apparently gone on to answer those all important questions of how would we as a society cope if nobody was dying? To what lengths would the government go to deal with this form of catastrophe? And the answers there are just as bleak as they were in COE. Miracle Day has elements of sparkle – all of which revolve around our gung-ho superheroine Gwen and her wonderful, wonderful husband Rhys – while Jack seems to have filtered into the background still moping over losing everyone he loved. Eep.


The problem is, it just isn’t Torchwood anymore.

I lasted two episodes, which is pretty pathetic to a degree but I just cannot bring up the enthusiasm nor the interest to keep watching. And yes, I was a Ianto fan -one who watched the last episode of COE very very drunk because there was no other way I could get through that horribly soul-sucking depressing hour of TV – but I was also a massive fan of my beloved Tosh and although I did complain about that season I had accepted it and moved on.

But this show just isn’t Torchwood. Everything that the fans loved about the show has disappeared. And I know people will disagree because it is apparently widely acknowledged how the first 2 seasons were patchy, uneven and just down-right stupid, and obviously COE is its superior in every form. And yes, COE had a fantastic storyline, but even then there was a slight itching of “something isn’t quite right” – which had nothing to do with the untimely death of our beloved teaboy, and a little to do with the deaths of our star-crossed lovers back in season 2.

The biggest problem is that everything people moaned about the first 2 seasons is the essence of the show.  The weird aliens, the awesome gadgets, the essentially typical Welsh/British jokes and the wonderfully fluid sexuality of all the characters made it into a fun, frivolous hour of weekly entertainment. Yes, there wasn’t much to it and whenever they did broach on a heavier topic it didn’t always turn out right (not to mention the season 1 finale was just mindblowingly inane) but that was a huge reason why people watched it – it was a fantastical idea set in a realistic world, Doctor WHo but for adults, where people did get hurt, and act stupid and sleep around. And that’s what I loved about it – Tosh having a same-sex  affair with an alien, Jack sleeping with anything that moved, a half-converted Cyberwoman in the basement, Retcon and Weevils!  There was a gigantic whale alien, fairies, ghosts, circus folk who live in old film…..and a budding relationship between two men. What’s there not to love?

It was a good solid hour of fun and laughter..and that all changed when they killed my beloved Toshiko and Owen. But – death happens. They do these things and as horrible as it was, I decided to pull through and keep watching, because COE did sound fantastic. And it looked fantastic – although it also felt like a totally different story which just happened to have familiar characters thrown into it. Because by tearing everything apart they had Torchwood become observants in this season and not out chasing the bad guys, which was the first mistake. And once they did that, it was in such a nonsensical manner concocted solely to establish the death of a beloved character, that it’s no wonder so many fans were up in arms. And then we have Miracle Day.

These last two seasons have very interesting ideas behind them, and thought-provoking analysis of how we as a species respond to different aspects of human nature when a problem is thrown at us. That I cannot fault it for. In fact, if there wasn’t a giant  Torchwood label smacked on it, I’d probably really enjoy this show and be sincerely curious to see where it goes.

But I just simply cannot bring the two together, which is why I think there’s a lot more new fans from season 3 watching then older fans, because for us, Torchwood died along with 60% of its cast.

I’m still following the show tyhrough numerous online blogs to see if there is some potential, and while the most recent episode seems slightly promising…I just can’t bring myself to it. I never thought the day would come when I would turn my back on Torchwood….but it has arrived.

So my question is….anyone else actually still watching it? And what keeps drawing you back in week after week?

slightly delayed, but better later than never, right?

so here we are…New York, New York, a slice of the Big Apple itself. The show starts beautifully with a loving montage  to the city and we meet our starstruck gleeks. Because yes, this episode is a devoted love letter to New York, and totally unrealistic – I cannot fathom how a glee club goes to Nationals and doesn'[t even bother working on any songs until literally hours beforehand.

And if you honestly cannot determine the outcome from that alone, well, I have some gold in Nigeria to sell you…

New York, New York…..where Will gets everyone hustled into their rooms (I’m bypassing yet another glee-line, where apparently he’s going to fit 13 kids into two rooms…whatever, show, I no longer pay attention to the inane plot points you choose to include) and practically locks them in…because they need to write their songs to Nationals.

Ok – backtracking previous comment. I’m Sorry. You have known you’re going to Nationals…NATIONALS, for weeks now….and…..not only have you not chosen songs and practiced harmonies and memorised said songs, choreographed dances in order to make sure nobody else decides to break someone’s nose….you choose to write your own songs again literally days (most likely a DAY) before the competition?

Is there ANYBODY who actually believed they had a chance in hell of not being ridiculed by the entire association, let alone win this competition? As soon as they said this, I immediately settled in because obviously there’s just no way in hell they could even fathom winning based on those facts alone (and seriously – didn’t Kurt’s time spent at a proper glee club provide him with any skills he could have passed on? THAT would have made a hell of a lot more sense…..)

Ok. Drink some wine. Right. Moving swiftly on and ignoring the entire storyline.

So, Will decides to keep the kids holed up in a hotel room in New York to write songs while he goes to finalise details with his and April’s Broadway production.

Does he really think those kids are going to stay in that hotel room and write songs? They’re in NEW YORK, NEW YORK, so great they named it twice. And after Brittany’s attempts at songwriting about her cup, Quinn convinces everyone to bugger off. Of course they escape and run amuck in the city, which is admittedly a pretty good sequence, singing and dancing in iconic places, with all of them ending up in Times Square. Where Rachel buys tickets for Cats, which hasn’t been running for years…and is another plothole that I will be resolutely ignoring, because for someone like Rachel to not only have memorised what’s currently playing, what has played where and their exact locations, her not knowing that a musical finished its run years ago seems extremely far-fetched to me.

So, everyone splits up and goes haywire before returning to the hotel rooms all except Puck and Lauren who attempt to score some alcohol, until Will catches them. Heh.. The boys attempt to write something while Finn tries to not blatantly reveal his feelings for Rachel, until they all basically say they know and tell him to woo her. He calls her, and although she’s studiously trying to write, the girls and Kurt are having a wicked pillow fight behind her so she scampers off to meet Finn, who does woo her, and we get a delightful scene of them walking down the street, eating in a restaurant where they run into Patti LuPone who Rachel talks to (and oh my god, Kurt would totally kill her if he knew)  and being stalked by the glee boys singing Bella Notte from Lady and the Tramp. Which is totally how Rachel would perceive their relationship, if they were dogs. But Rachel says she can’t get into a relationship

Will is also singing on his stage and blah blah blah talk about his broadway show as he and APril work towards their dreams coming true.

In the meantime, Kurt wakes Rachel up and they go have breakfast at Tiffany’s, discuss their future life in NYC, which has reverted into the most immense call for a spin-off, which I absolutely whole-heartedly support because I would so definitely watch a show about Rachel and Kurt making it in th big city with Blaine and Finn…and oh wait, that’s basically Miggy’s epic fanfic of epicness, The Most Likely to….series. But I digress. While Rachel tried to work out which way her heart lies, Kurt drags her to the Gershwin Theatre, to bring this EPIC FRIENDSHIP OF EPICNESS full circle, and break in to the home WIcked…where they finagle 15 minutes on stage and sing For Good. And yes, I am tearing up just writing it because this is one of the best performances on this show. They have had some weird choices, and some truly phenomenal ones (Pure Imagination being another). It’s gorgeous…even if they do cut it up in a very crazy, choppy fashion, which slightly detracts from how awesome this song is, but I digress, because we are seeing the EPIC FRIENDSHIP OF EPICNESS and has the NYC college years spin-off been announced yet? MAKE IT HAPPEN, MURPHY.  It’s safe to say a large group of fans will happily follow these two to the grave.

Where was I? AH yes….Quinn is having some ridiculous breakdown, and after watching the wonderful epicness, this is a let-down. Because Quinn is attempting to sabotage the glee club, solely out of spite for Finn dumping her for Rachel, which seems rather out of left field, and although I can see why she’d be pissed, I don’t see how taking it out on the glee club (encouraging them to play hooky and then threatening to tell Will so they all get suspended) will help the situation. Brittany and Santana corner her and she reveals how they’re supposed to be the pretty and popular ones yet everyone else is hooking up.

Santana’s reply to that? Heh, barring Quinn gently turning her down, because Santana wasn’t suggesting that, no, actually Santana thinks Quinn needs a haircut. To make her feel better.

Yeah. wtf? I mean, the haircut actually looks pretty damn good…but it’s never mentioned again. This entire storyline is dropped  from this moment on, making me think this really should have been a two hour episode in order to fit everything in properly.

So, because the show swiftly sweeps this under the rug, so am I and head back to the hotel where Will finds Dustin Goolsby (VA coach) and have a crazy little heart-to-heart (and the more I see this, the more I think the writers hastily wrote this episode days beforehand because everyone seems to be coming really left of field here) and then Will rediscovers his love for the Glee club and goes to help them write songs, only to discover they all know about him leaving for Broadway because Goolsby told them. Heh. But they’re supporting him in his decision.

And we FINALLY make it to Nationals, with everyone looking spiffy. We see some awesome girls choir, whose name I don’t think we find out (which sucks because they deserved to win) and then Rachel finds SUnshine (oh remember her? Rachel’s imminent enemy? Yeah, that dried up fast) sick in the bathroom and unable to cope with the pressure. And just as she helped Kurt when he went to the enemy, here Rachel repents her evil first-episode ways, and helps SUnshine to feel better about herself and go on stage and perform. And while it’s nice, I really do wish sometimes that the writers had kept their original ideas for this season because so many storylines seem to have gone haywire. But that rant will be saved for a season recap…whenever I can stop drooling at Chris Colfer doing the SIngle Ladies dance and get around to writing it.

So Sunshine kills her solo, and then it’s the McKinley kids turn..starting with a Finchel duet. Sigh. It’s a nice song…and Jessie shows up as well because he’s here for Rachel but his role beyond the amazing Rolling in the Deep duet, and his brilliantly inane and cutting remarks  has ceased to exist, so we shall allow Jesse ST James to slip in the background, crying and shaking our heads because St Berry is a much more preferable option to the staid Finchel, where we know we won’t see any of their relationship because it will happen off camera over summer and they will break up again next year and who really cares? I just want my NY spin-off featuring Klaine and ST Berry.

Oh god, it’s writing itself in my head.

Er….anyway, Finchel sings, and somehow being on stage and performing and yada yada Rachel rekindles that flame…and they kiss. Shocking the audience. Because kissing following a romantic song is wrong? I don’t know. Will saves the day by starting a round of applause, and they segue into their second song which is nowhere near as good as Loser Like Me. And does not utilise Kurt at all. Come on people, you have everyone all season saying they need Kurt for Nationals…and then don’t use him at all, besides letting him sway in the background? They all cheer and hug each other…and a certain blonde goes all the way around the group to hug a certain DIVA…I cannot have been the only person to pick up on that!

And here come the results….and…well let’s face it, they come in 12th, and don’t even make it to the final round. OBVIOUSLY, had they given Kurt a solo they would have won. Like they kept hinting all season.

Just saying.

So yes, they lose…and then we switch back to the Lima Bean, with Kurt giving Blaine the rundown as Blaine gazes admiringly into Kurt’s eyes (I’m serious. LOOK at his expression. You can see the lovehearts popping out of his eyes again). Apparently Santana went mental back in the hotel and decides using accented Spanish as a means to threaten her with violence. Lol. And nobody spoke on the plane. Blaine is surprised that Kurt is so happy, to which he replies by saying yes, he is because he flew on a plane for the first time and sang on a broadway stage. And to be perfectly honest, it was pretty good for him. Kurt Hummel has had a pretty good year, indeed.

And then Blaine sighs, and says “I love you”.


Cue the flailing of thousands. Ye,s those are your eardrums bursting from the squees. BLAINE LOVES KURT! AH! You can see Kurt’s eyes bug out a little, because of course he’s just gone to sip his coffee…and he tells him he loves him back. And they smile sweetly at each other (This and For Good are the two scenes I have watched on repeat since it aired. God, can I be a bigger Kurtsie?).

And then Sam and Mercedes randomly show up for coffee, and we discover Blaine is auditioning for Six Flags, and Kurt is writing a musical about Pippa Middleton, titled Pip-Pip-Hooray…I lvoe how they wrote Chris’  love for the Royals into Kurt’s character. It’s sweet. If strange to hear from an American. I bet he watched the wedding. WHile I escaped London.

Anyway….Sam and Mercedes go to get coffee…and are acting sneaky because they are totally together! HA! I knew it – after their performance you can see Sam literally running around everyone to go hug Mercedes. But my curiousity was piqued during the prom. And awww…aren’t they a cute (if slightly out of left-field) couple?

We head back to school where Santana and Brittany have a heart to heart, and Brittany speaks this year’s words of wisdom – this year was about acceptance and knowing there’s a group of people who love and accept you for who you are, and you shouldn’t be scared to be yourself. Maybe Santana will climb out of the closet in the new season. I hope so..and I kind of hope she finds a kick-ass girlfriend, because I’m not so sure Brittany is right for her anymore.

And then Rachel goes to find Finn whose hiding out in the library because everyone apparently blames them for the kiss, and they decide that even though Rachel has dreams and Finn probably won’t even graduate, they have a whole year before they have to worry about the future and they may as well be together.

and that’s what you missed on glee!  Second season is done and dusted, and it was a  mixed bag. This episode was strange and in need of two hours in order to fully explain everything. They have to stop throwing so much into one episode and hoping it gels. But a full season is coming up, as well as a review of Glee Live….right after I get back from Ireland (And no, I’m not going for Glee! I do have a life outside of this show, even if no one else believes it!)

See you all on September 20 for season 3! How on earth will we survive the hiatus?

{June 12, 2011}   Another minor delay

Hey guys,
Well I’m off to Greece in the morning for a long deserved holiday after a few manic months, which means reviews will be delayed a little longer. I will try to get the glee finale finished and catch up on doctor who shortly, ad well as begin game of thrones. Have a good time in the meantime.

{May 30, 2011}   glee 2×21 – funeral

Oh…it’s the second last episode and they’ve gone for a slightly somber tone this time around, as well as a complete and utter disregard for how close these guys are to Nationals – luckily Jesse St James is around to remind us of the shambolic chaos that is New Directions.

So on one hand, Jesse has been hired as a show choir consultant, and he immediately sets out to make Rachel the star of the show and completely disregard the rest of the club…pretty much re-hashing several elements of the first season. Except Mr Schue goes along with it, and decides that since it’s Nationals, maybe they do need to listen to a 4-time champion and treat everyone like robotic Autonoms. Anyway, I digress…

His first order of business? Agreeing to a competition for solos. His second? Turning down Becky from Glee, because she’s been kicked off the Cheerios and doesn’t feel like she belongs anymore. But Will says no, and rightfully so to a degree – they are a week away from Nationals and you’d think that by now they’d have routines and songs memorised in their sleep so it would be difficult to include an additional person..

except, what am I, crazy? This is New Directions! Does anyone believe they have anything organised? I’m surprised they have the plane tickets to New York! Obviously no one is listening to Kurt who spent months in a sane choir that prepares for competition, because otherwise they would have an entire set list sorted out and be practicing harmonies like….

oh god, I’m ranting. I’ll shut up now.

Where was I? Ah yes, Becky got kicked off Cheerios. And Will does go after Sue to find out why. And she has been acting slightly strange, as evidenced by the opening scene where the league of doom (consisting of Sue, Teri and Howard Bamboo, who I’ve missed dreadfully this season)  are re-routing the glee club’s plane tickets via Libya….and….show, please stop trying to suspend belief here, because no airline would be flying anywhere near Libya right now. That’s just too insane to even contemplate.  But whatever, we find out Figgins email address is getting figgywithit, which is awesome.

So why is Sue acting like she got out on the wrong side of the bed?

Because her sister died of pneumonia. Eep. 😦 That sucks. I really liked Jean – she’s one of only three people who Sue is kind to (the other two being Becky and sweet, sweet Porcelain). And I actually will miss Jean.

So, Sue is down in the dumps…and Porcelain and Frankenteen  Kurt and Finn bring flowers and offer condolences,a s the kids who’ve actually lost family members. Sue very rightly ask them how they can help, how they can stop her feeling,a nd why is it she’s the only left behind when the all the good in the world was taken away? They have no answers. No one has those answers, but it’s nice to see the show acknowledging grief in such a way (and yeah, I called it awhile ago, but mainly I’m just thankful it wasn’t Karofsky offing himself after the prom. Because I like Max Adler too much for that. And woot! I got my obligatory Karofsky mention in here without him even being in the episode!) They offer to organise the funeral and help Sue clear out Jean’s stuff from the home.

And before we get to the funeral, we shall segue through the auditions for the solo…and can I say they all killed it. And Jesse cracks me up. He’s judging alongside Will, who’s being all positivity and encouragement while Jesse is treating the whole event like an audition as a judge for American Idol (Apparently UCLA now has classes in show choir in judging reality tv shows….either that, ro Jesse’s doesn’t realise what a screwed up porno set he ended up on). Santana was amazing doing an Amy Winehouse number, adding sultry to the mix…and threatening to bring the bitch back when Jesse really made some assy self-righteous comments about it not being good enough (and pretending he wrote copious amounts of notes when really it’s just a drawing of a cat).  And then Kurt comes in with a rendition of SOme People from Gypsy, nails the mother, and causes flailing and heart attacks among the general populace with his theatrics. And when Jesse basically tells him he ain’t filling those big shoes he’s trying to, and shouldn’t be attempting to sing girl songs, Kurt just…gives him..the look. you know….THE LOOK…and walks off backwards,  eyefucking  yes I ship it eyeballing Jesse.

Mercedes comes out with a brilliant song, singing Try a little Tenderness, but Jesse just calls her lazy. and then Rachel comes in, and yeah, you have to give her props, she’s amazing. But they all were so it would be a difficult choice to make…except Jesse reveals his true colours and proves that’s he’s gunning for Rachel the entire time.

Now, let’s trundle over to the home, where Kurt and Finn are attempting to help Sue, whose decided everything should just get thrown out, because at the moment she can’t cope with having any mementoes of her beloved sister in her life. OH, the one time I wanna give her a hug (and yet I’m still terrified she would kill me). The reason she agreed to the glee club helping her? SO there would at least be some people at Jean’s funeral as she was afraid no one would come.

But they do get the  perfect idea for the funeral which is packed out. ….and it’s been set up like the set of Jean’s favourite film, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Sue loses it during her eulogy and WIll takes over…and again, there are several moments between Sue and Kurt, because he truly is the only person who understands this moment.; Finn lost a father he never even knew, but Kurt lost his mom. Oh, can I give them both hugs? And the glee club just do an astounding performance of Pure Imagination…which seriously, should have been their song for Nationals. That and For Good with Rachel and Kurt and it’s in the bag. But they waste the good songs on other things and……wait, that’s a rant for next week.

And then Finn breaks up with Quinn in the car park, because seeing Sue’s love for Jean makes him realise he doesn’t feel that way about Quinn…not the way he does about Rachel. And seriously? Please let this be the last time this boy goes back and forth with these two girls, it’s nauseating. Particularly when the last episode ends up being all about the grand reunion of Finchel. Ugh. Anyway, I digress, the happy union is over.

So, seeing everyone come together and the goodness of the glee club…Sue finally relents and decides to stop trying to break the club. Gasp! Instead…she’s running for Congress. And show? If you actually keep this plot point next season, I will worship you and give you my babies. Because THIS is magical. She reinstates Becky, and makes her cheerios captain the next year…and gives her a hug at the end. Oh Sue.

She also spills about the re-routing of tickets, but Teri pops in and tells WIll that she ended up changing them for first class tickets instead because she felt bad for the kids or something and I don’t care. I’m too upset by how wasted Teri has been in this stupid storyline and the fact she’s leaving us for Miami. Teri, you kicked ass. May you find men with curlier hair, higher voiced and orange-y skin to keep you entertained for all eternity.

Jesse tells Rachel the solo is hers and then kisses her, which Finn sees because he came to profess his love…but then everyone gets a shock when WIll announces that there will be no solos and no competition because that is not how their glee club works. Yes, Vocal Adrenalin are rehearsing 23 hours a day and living on IV drips…but this is not the McKinley way. Nope – they’re going to attempt to write original songs within days of a competition, write lyrics and music, learn them off by heart, harmonise it and create choreography for the whole thing. And that’s if they start now. Yes, they are soooo winning this thing. Sigh.



Back to Black – Amy Winehouse – Santana

Some People – Gypsy – Kurt

Try a Little Tenderness – Stevie Wonder – Mercedes

My Man – Fanny Brice – Rachel

Pure Imagination – Willy Wonka – New Directions

Best line – no lines this week…

Jesse  – I did a class on judging reality tv shows, so I’m totally ready to give feedback that’s both blistering and unhelpful.

{May 23, 2011}   glee 2×20 – prom queen

why yes….it’s that time of year (for Americans)….it’s time for Junior Prom!!

But first…who’s going with whom?

Well obviously we have our three royalty candidates…Lauren and Puck, Quinn and Finn and Santana and Karofsky. And Puck is currently being interviewed by everyone’s favourite creep, Jacob about his campaign…and about how Lauren holds the balls in the relationship. Which…is true, but that’s solely because I stand by my belief that Puck likes to be dominated (and it has nothing to do with my fantasies. Nope, nothing at all). But yes, Puck enjoys being dominated by strong women – just look at his history: QUinn, Mercedes, Rachel – three controlling girls, and all the cougars……of course, he’s not happy to hear about this…so Puck decides in order to regain his badassness, he needs to spike the punch. But he eneds help doing it, and he attempts to talk Artie into it. Which Artie initially refuses because he doesn’t think it’ll help him get Brittany back. But when he serenades her in Home EC (and why am I not surprised to see Kurt in Home EC? Well, he needs to learn how to make quiche and souffle somewhere…)…but Brittany still turns him down, because she can’t get over the fact he called her stupid. So, in his utter misery, he agrees to go along with Puck’s plan….

In the emantime, Figgin’s favourite band (Air Supply? Really, Figgins?) has pulled out so he hires the glee club to perform instead…and did nobody thing about just plugging up a computer to some speakers and going through a playlist? But never mind….this is glee. Sue is not happy, mainly because she’ll be too busy guarding the beloved punch. Again, another story we’re swiftly going to move past, so let’s put it straight: Puck attempts to distract Sue with his suave dance moves, which of course means she turns around and catches Artie pouring liquid into the punch bowl, whisks him away and threatens torture by dental care…until Artie tells her he was pouring lemonade into the bowl, not alcohol. See? All done and dusted. Let’s mov eon with the story proper, shall we?

In glee, all the girls are discussing prom dresses, although Sam and Mercedes are unhappy about all the prom talk because neither of them are going. So when Schue tells them about singing at the dance, Mercedes is very uspet, and runs out. Rachel follows her, and talks to Mercedes and convinces her they’ll go together because Rachel has a plan.

And that plan? To ask Sam to go with both of them…on a budget. They’ll rent outfits, walk to the prom (couldn’t one of their parents drive? Ok, I know, ignore the plot holes!) . Sam agrees and they make a cute…threesome.

In the meantime, Kurt has taken Blaine to Breadstix..to ask him to the prom! So adorable! Blaine is a little wary, because the alst dance he went to with a guy, they were beaten up. 😦 Well, that answers the question of whether or not Blaine was badly bullied…and really makes his advice all the way in episode 6 shockingly bad. Confront your bullies, knowing full well they have the potential to beat the living crap out of you?

Anyway, Kurt convinces Blaine to stand up to the bullies with him and the world is right again (until I pop over to AfterElton.com during one of the ad breaks and discover while Chris Colfer made the top 10…he’s only number 3. Damn, this guy is pure sex on legs! Obviously if the voters had seen Single Ladies at the Las Vegas show then he would have skyrocketed to number 1..oh i’m sorry I’ve gone severely off-track here, haven’t I?)

Errr…where was I? besides being distracted by Kurt’s hips. Yes, he goes along with the girls to offer his sage advice on outfits (because having Kurt’s approval is like having Joan Rivers approval) and yes, he does prove himself worthy, as well as receiving Santana’s offer to help guide him through the homophobic hallways of McKinley and onward to safety.

Because apparently the Bully Whips have become an honor guard, walking Kurt between classes and ensuring his safety. Kurt thinks maybe everyone has mvoed on because nobody has said anything or pushed him around all week..and believes the scene may be set for Karofsky to come out and be happy.  Which leads Karofsky to burst into tears and finally FINALLY apologise to Kurt for his behaviour. And properly apologise.

Kurt reveals his outfit to the boys – Burt, Finn and Blaine – and yes, he is wearing a kilt. Yum. Burt is concerned because he thinks Kurt is just provoking everyone and Blaine agrees…but I disagree. This is a boy whose already worn skirts to class – honestly, him wearing a kilt is probabloy better because it’s a proper manly skirt which men around the world do actually wear.  And to be really honest, I think going with a guiy, dancing and kissing would probably provoke people moreso than wearing a kilt, as horrible as that may be. And I understand why the show does this….but I honestly cannot believe these type of prejudices still exist today – why can’t people be allowed to love who they want without fear of hate, judgement or violence?

I’m being distracted yet again.

Whee was I? Oh, In my Klaine haze, I’ve forgotten an important bit of plot.

Jesse St James is back!

He wanders in while Rachel is practising and immediately begins an amazing duet and yes, this is my OTP – I see her with him rather than Finn. Finn will be unhappy with Rachel, but Rachel and Jesse would keep each other happy with their constant self-absorption. Anyway, Jesse flunked out of college as he didn’t realise he actually has to go other classes besides show choir (and lol, majoring in show choir?) so he’s come back to make amends with Rachel…and take her to prom.

And we can finally make it to prom! Finn’s upset about Jesse being back, and oblivious to the fact that Rachel is still head over heels in love with him, even if he is still with QUinn and whatever. Santana and Karofsky are having fun rpetending to be a couple (and Santana even manages not to kill another girl who shows up in the same dress as her, even if she does twitch rather comically). The boys, oh god, love the boys, get togetehr and perform the msot horrendous song known to mankind – Friday.

And it’s so goddamned good, I cannot stop listening to it. Friday, Friday, gotta get down on friday…..

Rachel sings a slow heartbreaker of a song, and then Blaine gets up and plays an old 80’s song  – and seriously the show needs to do an 80s tribute episode, because the 80s were made for this show. and why on earth didn’t Klaine get their dance on? I’m disappointed. 😦

Unfortunately, during the performance, Finn sees Jesse snuggling up to Rachel and tells him to back off, they get physical (not like that, you pervs) and they both get thrown out. So Quinn of course blames Rachel…not that it matters because it’s time for the crowning of prom king and queen.

And McKinley’s Prom King is…Karofsky! Everyone is all meh, except Santana who is enthusiastically clapping and snarking at Quinn and oh I love you Santana. You will always be Queen Bitch to me. Because you sure as hell aren’t Prom Queen. Nope, that proud owner goes to….Kurt.

Yes, the school that Kurt thought may have finally been starting to accept him, all decidedly to sneakily do write-in votes and make him their Queen. And he’s humiliated and devastated…which I know poor Kurt.

So we intercut between our three devastated couples (and yes, I mean couples) – Kurt crying out his anguish as Blaine tries to calm him down, Quinn and Rachel in the bathroom with Quinn blaming everything on rachel and even slaps her (and my god, this is probably one of the slashiest scenes I’ve seen in awhile on this show…I totally see the Quinn/Rachel ship here)  before admitting she’s afraid of losing her looks and fading away to nothing. Errr…you’re like 17, girl, nobody is that fatalistic at that age. You all think you’re going to lvie forever and be pretty and carefree.

And Santana has a little cry about not being accepted and terrified everyone knows she’s a lesbian..to which Brittany simply tells her that they all can see she’s hiding herself from them….and yeah, I know it’s Brittany but that girl can be damn wise in ehr own way.

So while Quinn and Santana walk back inside to face their losses, Kurt walks back in and accepts his crown with a great line “Eat your heart out, Kate Middleton”, made only funnier by Chris Colfer’s own obsession with the royal wedding. Lol. And yes well done for going back out there, but boy, this was the time to fix them all an ice-cold glare and tell them what a mistake they made – because their queen, you now own them. YOU OWN THEM. Anyway….

So our king and queen set off for their dance…and Kurt quietly encourages Karofsky to use the opportuntiy to come out..but he can’t and runs off as Dancing Queen begins (and can I just point out….did Santana expect not to win? Because why else would she be singing with Mercedes at this point? Oh the plotholes, show)……leaving poor Kurt standing alone in the middle of the dance floor…until a dashing young man comes along, taps him on the shoulder and asks him to dance. Yes, we get our Klaine dance, and everyone has their photos and we all leave prom happy and unable to get that bloody Friday song out of our heads for WEEKS.


Rolling in the Deep – Adele – Rachel and…Jesse!

Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder -Artie

Friday – Rebecca Black. Yes that one. It’s brilliant! – Sam, Puck and Artie

Jar of Hearts –  Christina Perri – Rac hel

I’m not going to teach your boyfriend how to dance with you – Black Kids – Blaine, backed by Brittany and Tina

Dancing Queen – ABBA – Santana and Mercedes

Best line:

“Go with god, Satan. Santana.” Kurt giving his approval on Santana’s dress.

{May 16, 2011}   glee 2×19 – rumors

oh boy, this episode will become confusing. you can tell that will happen when the previouslys reminds you of all the incestuous relationships.

Anyway, as you’ve guessed, Glee, in all its bluntness, will this week be about rumors, how quickly they spread and the damage they can do.

Sue is still trying to destroy Will and the Glee club, by re-starting the school newspaper (based on rumors and no actual facts allowed). She meets with Teri in the Lima Bean, dressed as David Bowie and then as Ann Coulter…because yes, the woman is becoming unhinged, and the writers seem unawarte of what to do with her character.

And how can I forget Fondue for Two? For whatever insane reason, Brittany has her own youtube talk show, where she invites people over for fondue. We get to meet Lord Tubbington (who reads her diary and only eats human food….including the fondue which…..ugh). I get the feeling this is part of Brittany’s part of becoming a “hard-hitting jorunalist” as she is also on the Muckraker – the new paper. And on her first show, with Mercedes and Tina (I love Tina confirming the myth about Asian men is not true, ha) Brittany outs Santana.

Yep, Satan has been dragged out of the closet…and immediately attempts to jump back in again.

I am so eternally grateful they brought Kurt back to McKinley…because everyone’s favourite alcohol blondie is back! And she is one of Chris Colfer’s idols, and I can imagine how horrible that would have been for him not to have been there! But yes, April Rhodes is back, afetr her musical was a disaster on Broadway, and she’s decided to write one about her own lfie, and asks Will for help. And they work really well together….so April asks him to come to Broadway with her….

Rachel decides to ask Sam to the prom, but he turns her down…saying she’s not his type. And then the school paper writes a story about a certain former blonde cheerleader meeting in a motel rool with a big-lipped blonde…aka QUinn and Sam. Which drives Finn ntus, because how dare Quinn cheat on him? And really Finn? The girl who slept with Puck and left Sam for you….and after you made out with Rachel while you were qith Quinn and aided and abetted Quinn to cheat on Sam? I’m sorry dude, but you really don’t have a say in the matter.

But I digress…so there’s a blow-up in glee club with Santana getting psised off with Brittany and Finn  going nuts at Quinn and Sam…leading Will to pull out Fleetwood Mac’s classic album Rumors. Everyone will do a song from the album…which is AWESOME.

So, Artie now knows about Brittany and Santana and confronts her…and calls her stupid, whichc auses her to run off and basically break it off (leading to a beautiful song from Artie with nothing but guitars, it’s gorgeous).

Santana also uses the opportunity to sing a gorgeous lovesong to Brittany and tell her how she feels…and Brittany asks her to sing inf ront of everybody. But Santana really isn’t ready to come out to the world, although she does hesitantly agree to come on to Fondue for Two with Brittany.

Ecept she doesn’t, so Brittany interviews Lord Tubbington. Oh dear.

Finn and Rachel stake out the motel where Quinn and Sam are apparently cheating, leading to a heartfelt conversation about Finn’s relationship with Rachel, and Rachel proves she really isn’t over Finn.

And they discover Kurt leaving the motel room, obviously elading them to believe Kurt is cheating on Blaine. And then Jacob is there getting pap shots as well…..

The gleeks have a meeting about Sam and Kurt, with only Quinn defending them, and she leaves telling them Sam is not gay. Which throws Finn, who didn’t think she slept with Sam. Oh if only they knew….

Rachel confronts Kurt and tells him he shouldn’t cheat on Blaine when she sees Sam wearing one of Kurt’s old coats from season 1, and Kurt wisely and sagely informs Rachel not to believe in rumors but focus on what’s real and in front of her. But the two continue their stakeout…and discover Quinn leaving the motel room. Oops.

So Quinn and Finn sing a very angry-happy version of Don’t Want to Know, which just rocks. So now everyone in the club believes both Quinn and Kurt are cheating on their boyfriends with Sam…which both of them vehemently deny.

Brittany interviews Will with questions that came from Sue and starts the rumor he may be leaving McKinley, and Emma overhears him singing with April and tells him he should go with it and proves to him that he helped her try dealing with her OCD bye ating unwashed grapes. Lol. And yes, she tells him he should use his gift as a force of inspiration to follow his dreams to Broadway…

…although we all know he won’t even if he does regret not going after her. And then we discover…it was Teri who brought April back and came up with the plan to convince Will to leave and leave the glee club. Youch.

Rachel decides to get Finn back through song, and figures since Quinn is cheating he’s fair game, which really angers Quinn, because Finn and Rachel were caught in the car together. She decides that from now, if Finn wants to stay with her, no more duets with Rachel. And they keep going at it, blaming each other for everything…and it all comes together in glee club, with everyone attacking Quinn and Kurt again and joking about their cheating…and Sam has had enough. Because Kurt and Quinn have allowed their names to be dragged through the mud in order to keep Sam’s secret – his parents lost their jobs, the house everything and they now live in a motel room. Kurt and Quinn found out seperately and have been helping Sam with clothes, food and helping him babysit his siblings and they’ve kept his secret. Which makes me love them even more…and thankfully makes everyone realise what evil conniving little bitches they’ve all been.

It’s almost like Grilled Cheesus all over again – there everyone was enforcing their beliefs and helping Kurt through prayer, but not actually helping him…and here, rather than believing their friends and maybe wodnering what could be happening, they choose to believe these rumours and actually taunt them with it.Ugh.

So, Will decides to stay, a decision which he will most likely regret. And Rachel and Finn show up at Sam’s motel room with a present – they know he pawned his guitar so they found it and bought it back for him. And Sam brings the young-uns to class and they all sing a happy song togetherl because this is Glee…and thank god Kurt is back because they seem to be doing more group numbers now.

Best line – Oh how I’ve missed your insanity – Kurt, to Rachel when she runs up flailing about not giving up his relationship.

Might want to smile a little more – Will, in response to Quinn and Finn’s angry/happy song.

Songs – All Fleetwood Mac

Dreams – Will and April

Never Going Back Again – Artie

Songbird – Santana

I Don’t Want to Know – Quinn and Finn

Go Your Own Way – Rachel

Don’t Stop – New Directions

et cetera